The Girl Diaries is here!


My first book series was officially launched on May 4th 2019.


May the Fourth be with you at Cobb and Co Farmers Markets in Toowoomba!


Thank you to everyone who has contributed content and sat for interviews with me as I wrote this series, because of your open and honest dialogue you have made publishing this collection of books a reality.


Extra thanks to all the neglected family members, friends and of course my beta readers. Without you in the trenches alongside me, none of this would have made it to the world



Some photo's of events and markets Steam Scene has hosted & supported.

Upcoming Events will include:


  • Hike 4 Homeless

  • Therapeutic Journalling Weekends

  • NaNoWriMo Camps

  • Social Movie Nights

  • Grammar Art Show

  • Community Training

  • My Local Feast Farmers Market

  • Brain Foundation Zombie Walk

  • Emerge Campaigns

  • Toowoomba Hospice Fundraising

Check out my social media channels for all the up-to-date information about where to get involved!

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